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Razor tin colour and pattern trials

Below is a selection of patterns that helped decide upon the final design for the razor tin. It was a visual brainstorm, helping to generate ideas for doing things differently.

Tin idea2Tin idea3Tin idea4Tin idea5


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Final Rhino 3D Designs

NB: These designs were done before I changed my idea, so they refer to the OLD design, which would have been made out of card or plastic, not the new design made from recycled metal.

It turns out I was going about building the packaging the wrong way, which is to be expected I suppose. Instead the rotate tool was used to make the model round and then the scale tool was used to flatten it.

It’s one thing doing tutorials but it is totally another applying the skills to what I am actually working on. This program is so difficult and frustrating, it’s the most difficult thing I have encountered in this course so far.

First attempt at colour:
Final idea colour1

Adding the tag:
Razor with tag 1

The inner cut out was created by drawing 3 circles and a line and then using the ‘trim’ tool to create one curve. Then a rectangle was drawn and the ‘surface from planar curves’ tool was used. The ‘split’ tool was then used on both the surface and the curve, and the curve was then deleted to create a hole.

All of this seems very complicated, and it seems like the common sense rules don’t apply. Maybe it’s because I don’t know enough about the tool to understand it properly, but whenever I try and take the initiative and work things out for myself it goes wrong. Probably because the slapdash rules of photoshop do not apply here.

final razor design!! finally!

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Change of approach: a razor tin

The plan was to make a net of the cardboard design that could be put into production, but after trying most of the day today it seems that the design is too complex to be made out of cardboard. However, this turn of events has lead me to a much better idea: a tin.

It’s such a simple idea. Rather than the packaging for the razor being immediately disposable after purchase, it could be seen as something that can be reused for the whole lifespan of the razor. It is exactly the same design but made out of recycled metal which can then be put into the domestic recycling bin along with all the other recyclable metals. It will also have a sucker on the back so it saves space and is always to hand, and will help prolong the life of the blades. This is also a marketing opportunity for Gillette, because the tins could be ‘limited edition’ and coincide with major sporting events, or even customisable. When asked, 80% of men said they would use the tin if it was provided with the razor. Result.

This did spark an initial panic because it was originally thought that the design would have to be redrawn, but thankfully all designs can be transferred across with the simple modification of the hanging piece of metal. Below is an example of the possible final idea.

Final tin 1

The only thing that is missing is the plastic window, and this can be included but it may complicate the recycling process.

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Possibility for final packaging idea

It is common knowledge that people like to see the product that they are buying, so in this version of my packaging I have included a window through which you can clearly see the razor. This also means that cardboard can be used for the main body of the razor and bioplastic film for the window. I have been told the bioplastic will degrade under normal composting conditions, making this entirely environmentally friendly packaging. The fact that it is a lot smaller than the current Gillette Fusion packaging means that it will also save on raw materials, as FSC certified recycled cardboard can be used in conjunction with bioplastic film.

Orange and Blue Packaging with window1Orange and blue plan view1

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Orange packaging in context

This is one of the colour options for the final packaging, based on the Gillette Fusion colour scheme. However, it seems too bright compared to the razor itself, so I will explore other colour options until an appropriate one is found.

There is also an issue of materials. This colourway would work in both cardboard and plastic because it is solid. However, I would not like to focus on plastics because although bioplastics are an option they are still relatively expensive, and do not degrade in landfill conditions where they are starved of light and oxygen. Cardboard would be a better option, and I will formulate nets based upon a single sheet of cardboard. However, there are security and safety issues with this material as well.

Orange packaging1

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Isometric Razor Final Drawing

This is my final isometric razor drawing, which will be photoshopped into my final packaging designs to give you an idea of what they will look like. This method will also be used for the side and plan views, which will then be photoshopped into the retail environment.

Final Razor with logo

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Final packaging design Part 1: Wrapping the logo

Using photoshop I wrapped the logo around this packaging design. You will get an idea of how it looks with the razor later on in the project. This is a preview of the final packaging design, made from cardboard with a solid vegetable print and no cellophane window. The left has no shading, showing the solid colour and pattern clearly, and the right has shading added:

Final packaging wrap1Final packaging shaded1

There will be other alternatives made from other materials such as bioplastic, with extras such as cellophane windows. The logo and pattern were both taken from a Gillette logo, which can be found here and here.

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