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Wasteful Packaging Investigation

So I went on a jaunt to Asda to wander around by myself and find examples of wasteful packaging. I did find quite a few, for example computer mice and webcams are very wasteful. They generally have a tiny product surrounded by moulded plastic, securing it but also making it impossible to get into. The plastic packaging is not recyclable either. I am very surprised to see it still there, especially with all the bad press that has been appearing lately.

I did find something very wasteful which has interested me for a while though: Razor packaging. Like the computer mice and webcams there is a lot of plastic for a very small product. I have considered the reasons for this, and can conclude that it is mainly for a) Security b) Safety and c) Childproofing. The security tags are only attached to the expensive items such as Wilkinson Quattro for example, but this is still a factor that should be considered when redesigning the packaging. The razors already have their own packaging which keeps the blade secure, so what is the reason for all the outside packaging? Childproofing isn’t really a valid reason, as the razor caps should be firm enough to discourage tiny fingers. These are my reasons behind choosing this product for a redesign. However, if this is not accepted by my tutors I will change to webcams, as they are also in dire need of repackaging.

Here are some examples of terrible razor packaging in action. I haven’t put them up, but I do have examples of where the packaging would not allow the razors to stand up, making it hard for customers to find what they are looking for.

Razors on the ShelfGilette SoleilWilkinson Quattro

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Confusion Cleared

This blog is for the live project only, and should include:

  • Sketches and scans from sketchbooks
  • Screen grabs from what you are working on
  • Design visualisation
  • This is all about visualisation, and the steps we took in visualising our ideas. This is not about a big essay at the end, it’s about design concepts and our decision making process.

    Update: Richard Chipps says this blog is for both, he doesn’t really mind. So I will continue talking about both anyway.

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