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Net of cardboard packaging

Below is the net of my cardboard packaging. It is not round edged or sloped, but it is still a solution that saves around 80% of the raw materials used for Gillette’s current packaging. It is also fully recyclable, lighter, and more compact so it saves on transport space and cost. It is also very different from the current packaging offered by competitors, which could give Gillette an edge.

Cardboard net small


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Exploded view of final design

Below is the exploded view of my final design. It shows how everything slots together. The closing mechanism will be a pop cap, which can be found for example on tins of mints. This will eliminate the need for hinges etc. which may complicate the manufacturing process. Obviously the pop cap will need to be very secure in order to keep the razor intact during transportation.

Exploded View of final packaging design

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Final ideas in the Superdrug context

Below are the examples of my two final designs, both manufactured in stainless steel with pop lids. One is lacquered in orange and blue, the other plain in the context of the Leicester Superdrug shop.

Stainless steel packaging in Superdrug context

Orange and blue packaging in Superdrug context

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The three final ideas in the context of Boots

Below are my three final ideas, and what they would look like next to the other razors in Boots, the ‘toiletries superstore’.

Stainless steel embossed logo in Boots

Stainless steel with window in Boots

Orange and blue with window in Boots

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Changes made after tutorial with Chipps

Had a tutorial with Richard Chipps today to discuss the packaging, mainly because I wasn’t sure how to manufacture it, because companies don’t want to talk to students who aren’t actually going to put things into production. Here is how my design differed from the proposed final:

new shape finalFinal tin isometric context

The window is now shaped, because I didn’t realise that it didn’t have to be square, apparently it’s just as easy to cut a shape as it is a square during the production process. I am going to do two finals, one in cardboard and one in metal. The handles are rounder and smoother in keeping with the overall feel of the design and Gillette brand.

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Final design back of the tin

Back of tin1

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Change of approach: a razor tin

The plan was to make a net of the cardboard design that could be put into production, but after trying most of the day today it seems that the design is too complex to be made out of cardboard. However, this turn of events has lead me to a much better idea: a tin.

It’s such a simple idea. Rather than the packaging for the razor being immediately disposable after purchase, it could be seen as something that can be reused for the whole lifespan of the razor. It is exactly the same design but made out of recycled metal which can then be put into the domestic recycling bin along with all the other recyclable metals. It will also have a sucker on the back so it saves space and is always to hand, and will help prolong the life of the blades. This is also a marketing opportunity for Gillette, because the tins could be ‘limited edition’ and coincide with major sporting events, or even customisable. When asked, 80% of men said they would use the tin if it was provided with the razor. Result.

This did spark an initial panic because it was originally thought that the design would have to be redrawn, but thankfully all designs can be transferred across with the simple modification of the hanging piece of metal. Below is an example of the possible final idea.

Final tin 1

The only thing that is missing is the plastic window, and this can be included but it may complicate the recycling process.

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