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Stainless steel razor case

The following images are examples of the stainless steel packaging that has not been lacquered, and has the logo embossed onto the top. This gives connotations of luxury packaging and a ‘limited edition’ feel. It will also differentiate Gillette from the rest of the razor brands on the shelf.

stainless steel isometric caseStainless steel solid packaging
Stainless steel packaging with window Stainless steel packaging embossed

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Razor tin colour and pattern trials

Below is a selection of patterns that helped decide upon the final design for the razor tin. It was a visual brainstorm, helping to generate ideas for doing things differently.

Tin idea2Tin idea3Tin idea4Tin idea5

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Change of approach: a razor tin

The plan was to make a net of the cardboard design that could be put into production, but after trying most of the day today it seems that the design is too complex to be made out of cardboard. However, this turn of events has lead me to a much better idea: a tin.

It’s such a simple idea. Rather than the packaging for the razor being immediately disposable after purchase, it could be seen as something that can be reused for the whole lifespan of the razor. It is exactly the same design but made out of recycled metal which can then be put into the domestic recycling bin along with all the other recyclable metals. It will also have a sucker on the back so it saves space and is always to hand, and will help prolong the life of the blades. This is also a marketing opportunity for Gillette, because the tins could be ‘limited edition’ and coincide with major sporting events, or even customisable. When asked, 80% of men said they would use the tin if it was provided with the razor. Result.

This did spark an initial panic because it was originally thought that the design would have to be redrawn, but thankfully all designs can be transferred across with the simple modification of the hanging piece of metal. Below is an example of the possible final idea.

Final tin 1

The only thing that is missing is the plastic window, and this can be included but it may complicate the recycling process.

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I am finding the drawing part of the RSA project difficult, because I’ve never done isometric, axometric or exploded view before. I wanted to get started today but unfortunately I only have a pencil and a metal ruler, and I need a triangle, compass, squared paper and layout pad! So I can’t start because I have to go to dancing, and the materials shop is shutting in half an hour unfortunately. ALmost all of my background research is completed, and I have chosen my object to repackage.

I still have some things to do though:

  • Exploring my chosen product packaging in context of the existing market,
  • Research patterns of use
  • research production, distribution, sale, consumption, lifecycle and lifestyle
  • Ensure my proposals are based on real environmental solutions rather than ‘green’ marketing,
  • Research the role local authorities have in this whole area and how they enforce packaging regulations,
  • Research ‘closing the loop’
  • So there’s an awful lot to do, and not a lot of time to do it in. The hardest part (I imagine) will be to get Gillette to talk to me about closing the loop and what they do to help the environment, beyond their marketing spiel. Getting big companies to talk is difficult, but I might ring them tomorrow and try anyway.

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    Today I have completed the questionnaire about environmental retail trends and the research proposal for Fynes. I have also started sketching out ideas for the Sloane project, as well as pulling together all my research for the report. It has been an alright day work wise.

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    I am really confused and not sure as to whether this blog is for the live project (Sloane) or the competition project (RSA). If it’s for both I might as well talk about both in here, and will do that from now on just to cover myself.

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